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Welcome to the world of creepy animatronics in this game

FNAF Plus is a fan-made version that's inspired by original FNAF games. You need to monitor the camera and keep animatronics out of your room.

Gloomy air covers all rooms

To increase the scare of this horror game, all the rooms are designed with a dark atmosphere. Even the entire security room was only lit by a dim lamp. When you look at the dark hallway on both sides of the door, you even feel some creatures jump from the dark. The ancient objects in the building make it look like an abandoned place. The game's background is in the famous pizzeria that is a favorite destination of children and their families. During the day, this place is crowded and bustling but it turns gloomy and creepy at night. There is no human in this pizzeria but you. Many strange phenomena happen with the animatronics in the rooms. Can you stay alive in this gloomy atmosphere while some creatures are stalking you?

Deadly sound and terrible music

The music and sound effects contribute to the success of any horror game. In this game, you also experience the creepy sound of the pizzeria. The sound of step foot signaling monsters are moving near you. When the jump scare with terrible music can make any brave gamer startle. Therefore, if you want to experience a game most realistic, you should turn on the game music. It's better to use headphones or earphones when playing this horror game.

List some special animatronics and how to stop them in FNAF Plus

  • Foxy and Mangled: These two characters have the same actions but Mangled speed is quicker than Foxy. These animatronics must be monitored through the camera. Otherwise, they will peek out at you and be ready to attack you.
  • Marionette: This animatronic can appear in many different forms. For me, this animatronic isn't difficult to prevent from entering the room. You just need to close the door when Marionette comes close to your room.
  • Balloon Boy and Balloon Girl: These two animatronics aren't harmful to you but they can be annoying to you. They move around to find balloons. As soon as they hold the balloon, you can click on the balloon to pop it. Then, Balloon Boy and Balloon Girl will be reset. You don't need to be scared of them because they can't jumpscare.
  • Phantom Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica: These three phantom animatronics are very familiar to gamers who love the FNAF games series. They are different from the real Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica because they can't hurt you. However, they can cause you to hallucinate and see animatronics' faces.

The game rules to save your life in FNAF Plus

If you are a newbie in this game and you don't know how to play, you can't skip this guide. I will show some game rules and tips to survive until 6 am. You are in danger at night but you are safe from 6 am. You need to prevent any animatronics from breaking into your security room.

Check rooms in the building through the camera

Each room has a camera and all video is sent to the screen in your room. From that, you can monitor all animatronics' positions, then you can plan what you should do. The camera also shows you which direction the animatronics approach your room. From that, the survival rate also increases and it's easy to complete the mission. However, observing through the camera continuously isn't recommended while the power is limited. If you play this game many times, you can even remember where animatronics appear on the screen. In sum, monitoring animatronic through the camera is a necessary action but you shouldn't do it continuously.

Pay attention to the hallway and close the door

There are two hallways which lead to two doors in your room. These hallways are left and right sides, so you need to turn left or turn right to check these hallways. The strange creatures can appear and access your room from these hallways. However, the hallways are too dark to look clear. That's the reason why you need to turn on the lights if you want to see clearly in the hallways. You need to close the door as soon as animatronics appear in the hallway. There are two windows next to two doors. If you can see animatronics through the windows, you are still safe. Only when animatronics are opposite your doors, let's close the door immediately.

Save the power until 6 am

In the beginning, the power is 100% and it decreases after use. The door, camera, and light run thanks to this power. You need this power to close the door and turn on the light to stay alive. Therefore, you need to manage the power and you just close the door or turn on the light if it's necessary. Moreover, observing the camera continuously also wastes the power.

Customize the game setting in FNAF Plus

This is a fan-made version, so some new features are added to this game. You can choose the difficulty levels in this horror game. The easy level is always the best choice for a newbie with no skills. After your skill is improved, you can select normal, hard, insane, or effortless levels. The effortless level is especially challenging even pro gamers can't pass this level. The unique feature of this game is you can choose animatronics to face. At the additional setting, you can tick on the animatronics you want to face or you even can select all animatronics. If you tick all animatronics, the game is very hard to conquer.

Five Nights at Freddy's Plus

Some gamers may know that FNAF Plus stands for Five Nights at Freddy's Plus. You may be familiar with the first, second, or third parts of Five Nights at Freddy's. After you conquer all parts of the FNAF series, you can challenge yourself with Five Nights at Freddy's Plus. This game isn't the original version but it still brings a much fun experience to players. Because this is a plus version, it's considered harder than the normal parts. Moreover, you even can set some features such as animatronics, and game difficulty in this game. From that, this game can meet all players' demands. If you are a newbie in this FNAF series, you can choose easy mode and only choose to face an animatronic. However, you are a professional player, choose all the animatronics and choose the hardest mode.

It's time to enjoy FNAF Plus

Are you ready to become a night guard of a haunted pizzeria? Through this game, you can even test your skills and your bravery. Does jumpscare make you startled? This game can run in almost all browsers without downloading. The game with many difficulty levels can satisfy any player with all abilities. If you feel the original version is too hard, you can experience this fan-made version.