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Move forward in this game

Happy Wheels is an action game that contains a horror factor. You control the main character to move forward to reach their end point.

Avoid obstacles

In this game, there are many horror scenes when the character is hurt. He even can lose his arm, leg, or even head because of the accidents. Therefore, your mission is to keep the main character safe from many deadly traps on the road. The obstacles such as saws and spikes are designed along the road. Thus, you need to jump character or move to dodge these obstacles. Some of these dangers can move and that requires your agility to avoid them. It's better to estimate the time and position to have the correct movement.

Reach the finish line

You can complete a stage when you reach the finish line. In this game, the destination can be at a random position and you just move forward to find it. This game doesn't require you to finish this task for a certain time. So, you can control the character slowly and ensure his safety. If you don't like this action game, you can experience some horror games such as FNAF Plus.

Experience many stages in Happy Wheels

This game provides many stages that have different terrains and obstacles. Each stage brings a different experience to players. Some of the stages are easy and suitable for newbies while some are very difficult.

Choose any stages

This game allows you to select any stages without unlocking them one by one. Even if you are a newbie in this game, you can play the hardest stage. All these stages are available and you don't need to pay for them. You can enjoy this game directly on the browser without installing it.

Select available characters

This game has three characters for you to select. Each of them has different traffic which has various shapes and sizes. You need to base the terrain on stages to choose the suitable character. For example, you should select the character with a scooter to play in Gut Bus Extreme.