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Scary Maze is an online square-moving game where you use your mouse to navigate a small square to a red destination without wall collisions.

The Destination Of Your Square

In Scary Maze, you will control a small square to move to the destination of each level. Each level has its own destination. The destinations are usually placed in opposite positions on two adjacent levels.

For example, the level-1 destination will be at the bottom of the game screen while level 2's destination is at the top of the game screen. With the arrangement of destinations, players must move through the entire maze to complete a level. This variety will bring challenges to Scary Maze players, but it's also an attractive feature of this puzzle game.

However, the destinations have one characteristic in common: the red. All destinations are colored red which a prominent safe zone is waiting for you.

Moving Instructions In Scary Maze

The moving way of your square is consistent throughout all levels.

How To Move In Scary Maze

To control your square, you just need to use the mouse to move. Wherever your mouse moves, your square will move to the corresponding position.

This easy-moving way can suit all players. It is also considered easier than the Escape the Backrooms game where you move through the underground maze with the arrow keys.

Some Notes When Moving Square

  • When you play Scary Maze, you need to avoid any collisions with the walls. If your square touches any wall, the game will end immediately.
  • New levels will appear immediately. You need to pay attention to the final stage when preparing to move to a new level. Players are very susceptible to collisions at this stage.
  • The size, structure, and destination of each maze are different in each level.
  • With failures, players will restart that Scary Maze level. However, some horror images may appear unexpectedly.