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The secrets in the children's program in this game

Amanda The Adventurer is a horror discovery game in which you have to complete the tasks given. From there, scary secrets will be revealed in this game.

Unique storyline

Each horror game brings unique storylines to gamers. In FNAF Plus, you transform into a night guard in a pizzeria, but you will become a young boy in this game. This boy returned to a house he inherited from his aunt. In the attic of this house, he has found some old tapes about a children's program. However, this program offers strange tasks he needs to accomplish. After that, he can discover why some strange things happen to the characters in this program.

Many endings in this game

In other horror games, there is only one ending but you can experience different endings in this horror game. You just need to complete the tasks one by one, then these endings come to you in turn. Your character can stay alive or be attacked by monsters depending on the endings. Many endings make players curious about this game and attract many brave gamers.

Solve puzzles to finish missions in Amanda The Adventurer

In this game, the tapes offer some clues for you and you need to use them to solve the puzzles. Smart and logical thinking are the required abilities to conquer this horror game.

Find the hidden tapes

At the start, there is only one available tape. You must watch all the tapes once you play the first tape. Therefore, you need to find all the other tapes which are hidden in the attic. Many objects appear and they are clues or keys to get the hidden tapes. It's better to follow the suggestions of the main characters in the video. They are Amanda and Wooly who sometimes have some strange actions.

Explore new endings

This game is more exciting when you can enjoy many thrilling endings. When you complete the given mission, the endings will happen in turn. You can be attacked by a strange creature that breaks into the attic's house. Otherwise, you will destroy the TV and the next day coming. This is the happy ending because you can explore the secrets of the TV show and stay alive. In this game, sometimes you need to answer the question of Amanda. Your answer also leads to some different situations in this game.