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Welcome to the 4th part of the FNAF game series

FNAF 4 is different from the previous parts because of its background and main character. However, your final target is to stay alive until 6 am.

New environment

If you are a fan of FNAF games, you may be familiar with the background of a pizzeria in FNAF Plus. However, this game offers a new environment to players that brings a new experience to gamers. In this game, you have to survive in a bedroom where animatronics can appear. The bedroom even has no light, so the dark covers the room. Of course, you can't see anything without a flashlight on your hands. Some gamers recognize that this part is more challenging than the previous part. The new environment also makes this game more difficult for newbies.

New main characters

In the old parts, you always transformed into a night guard in haunted places. This game will turn you into a crybaby. The boy needed to face the dangerous animatronics alone because there was no one in the house. The boy hid in the bedroom where there were two doors and a large wardrobe. All the boy had was a flashlight for lighting. Can the poor boy get through 5 dangerous nights?

How to pass 5 nights at FNAF 4

The animatronics are stalking the boy everywhere and they are ready to attack him at any time. How can we prevent them from entering the bedroom? Let's follow some of the following suggestions to survive!

Locations where animatronics often appear

Like other parts, animatronics often appear in specific locations. In this game, there are 3 locations where animatronics often appear to approach the boy: the hallway next to the two doors and the wardrobe. You will shine a flashlight at these locations to grasp the specific location of the animatronics. If you see these creatures, close the door immediately.

Experience some extra games

After finishing a game, you can play some extra games in this game. Your task is to turn on the flashlight to illuminate the animatronics. You have to catch the moment when the animatronic stands right in the middle of the X on the floor. This make this horror game more exciting for players.