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Information about FNAF World

FNAF World is a fan-made game based on Scratch. You will control animatronics instead of a night guard. This is a battle between dangerous monsters.

This game has simple graphics, so you don't need much time to load the game data. You will face other monsters in this game. They are huge and very dangerous, so it's better to plan a suitable strategy. Otherwise, your animatronics will be defeated after the battle. There are three enemies in three levels in this game. You have to beat them one by one to get some coins. This game is very interesting and it isn't as creepy as in Five Nights at Candy's.

The game rules in FNAF World

You don't only ensure one of the animatronics survives but you also need to defeat the huge enemies. They are very strong and have good endurance, so it takes a long time to kill them.

Choose attacks

You can use the attacks of 4 animatronics in this game. Each animatronic has three skills but some of them are recovery skills. Therefore, you need to choose between the attack skills and recovery skills. When one of the four animatronics loses its HP, you should use some recovery skills. Don't forget to use the attack skills to make your opponents lose their HP.

Buy some supports

You can encounter an animatronic who sells you three supports. These supports can help you increase your animatronics' damage or defense. However, you need some coins to purchase these supports. Of course, you need to beat the enemies to get these useful coins.