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About Five Nights at Candy's

Five Nights at Candy's has many dangerous animatronics that can kill you. You have to survive for five nights by turning the lights and closing the doors.

This game is a horror game that has a dark theme. You are a night guard in a creepy building. Your enemies are animatronics that are haunted by dark ghosts. They walk around the hall and hunt any human. You are in danger because you are the only survivor in this building. It's better to prevent the enemies from entering the room. You have to close the door to ensure your safety. You may love some horror games such as FNAF Shooter which was inspired by the FNAF series.

Five Nights at Candy's gameplay

In this game, you must survive until 6 am. During the day, the animatronics are friendly and bring much fun to children. However, they turn angry and dangerous at night.

Monitor camera

Each room is equipped with a camera, so you can monitor animatronics through them. When you can locate the animatronics' position, you can know when you should close the doors. However, you can know the map of the building when you monitor the camera.

Save the energy

Monitoring the camera, turning on the lights, or closing the doors waste a certain amount of energy. You need to survive for 6 hours with 100 power. Each time you use the objects in this building, the percentages of power decrease. Only when the animatronics come close, you turn on the lights or close the doors.