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Scary plot in this game

Slide In The Woods is a thrilling escape game with intense chase scenes. You play the game in first person and try to escape from a creepy creature.

Bizarre slide in the woods

In the woods, a slide appears and it is located in a clearing. There are no houses near these woods but someone placed the slide here for a strange purpose. One day, you went into the woods and found this slide. You have been sliding on this slide until dark and cannot stop. You keep climbing up the slide and sliding down until a sack containing something appears. When you get closer, there is a pair of long red arms pulling the moving sack into the slide. Finally, you decide to slide after the sack. Immediately, the slide becomes longer and it takes you to a strange world. Let's experience the game to know what happens next.

Missing people in town

While playing on the slide, you find an old newspaper. The newspaper talks about the disappearance of several people in town. To date, detectives and police still have no answers to these mysterious disappearances. Are these missing people related to this mysterious slip and those strange hands? All truths will be revealed when you participate in this game. There is another famous survival game that you must try besides this one. That is FNAF Plus.

Escape from a dangerous world in Slide In The Woods

After escaping from a tunnel, you are lost in a strange world covered in clouds. Everything is so horrible and lifeless. You will see an ancient temple and enter it.

Feed the monster

As soon as you enter the ancient temple, you will see a giant hole and there is a large bag on the edge of the hole. You need to destroy 3 chains to drop this bag into the hole. After you complete this mission, closed doors will open. Don't go near the rectangular door because monsters will appear here. Please wait at the circular door because this will be your exit.

Go down the tunnel

As soon as the circular door is opened, you must immediately go down into the tunnel. Strange creatures will chase right behind you. The sound of the monster moving in the tunnel will make you tremble in fear. Always move forward and don't stop. Once the monster catches you, you will lose this game. At the end of the tunnel, you will see the path to your world. Just go through this path and you will completely escape the monster.