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Play Magic Cat Academy to defeat ghosts with your magical abilities. With symbols of different shapes, you can attack ghosts like a magician.

Learn About the Magical Cat

Welcome to this Magic Cat Academy game where a black cat will become the main character! This black cat stands out with large yellow eyes to show steadfastness and courage. When participating in this action game, players will transform into this cat character.

The black cat studies at a magic academy with other friends. Their lives change when ghosts come to disturb and destroy their peaceful lives.

This cat character has two basic characteristics: magical abilities and the number of resurrections. Each ability directly affects the fight against ghosts, so let's dig into the details in the next section. This section only covers general information about the black cat in Magic Cat Academy.

The Abilities of the Black Cat

Let's learn about the two main abilities of cats in Magic Cat Academy one by one.

Magical Ability to Attack Ghosts

In an action game, the ability to attack is extremely important to win. If you play Scary Neighbor Online, you need to win against angry neighbors with your survival ability. In Magic Cat Academy, you will use magical abilities. With the wand, you can draw symbols to destroy ghosts.

The symbols need to meet two requirements of this online game.

  • Draw the exact shape of the symbol compared to the ghost's symbol.
  • Drawing in symbol order is mandatory.

Besides these two basic requirements, players also have an advantage with their magical abilities: killing multiple ghosts with the same symbol simultaneously.

Resurrection Ability In Magic Cat Academy

The black cat goes through many challenges to win against the ghosts. Because you will fight alone, this Magic Cat Academy game allows you to revive 5 times.