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About Five Days At Freddy's: Rage At Night!

Five Days At Freddy's: Rage At Night! is a shooting game inspired by famous FNAF games. You are armed with a shotgun to shoot any animatronics.

If you are a big fan of horror games, you may know the famous animatronics of Five Nights At Freddy's. In this game, these dangerous animatronics appear in the room of a young boy. Instead of closing the door to prevent the enemies from entering the game, you will use a shotgun to kill these robots. Your gun is very powerful because it can kill animatronics in one shot. However, the time to reload bullets isn't short. Therefore, you must have great shooting skills.

Shoot the enemy quickly in Five Days At Freddy's: Rage At Night!

The animatronics' speed is very quick and they want to kill you any time. That's the reason why you should kill them before they can gain their mission.

Ready to shoot

The animatronics usually appear in three positions which are two doors and the wardrobe. These enemies also have guns and this is a weapon to kill you. You only have a few seconds to locate the enemy's position. Otherwise, the game will restart and you need to replay that level.

Many levels in this game

In this game, you will have to pass many levels with increasing difficulty. At first, the speed of the animatronics will not be too fast but their speed will improve significantly later on. You only need to lose concentration for 2 seconds, bad endings will come to you. So, you need to focus on the screen and immediately shoot at the animatronic that appears on the screen.