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Five Nights At Freddy's brings you to a terrible pizzeria that has some creepy animatronics. These robots have strange actions at night and want to kill you.

The famous horror game series

I'm sure that fans of horror games must know FNAF games which are very famous in the video game community. This series is about the work of a night guard in a building which can be a pizzeria, a house, or an amusement park. Your missions in these games aren't too complicated but they can save your life from strange characters. In the later versions, many improvements are added but the original version still captures many gamers' hearts.

Face well-known villains

In the new versions, many new villains are added but the animatronics of the original version still can not be replaced. These classic animatronics make the FNAF games outstanding from the other horror games. As soon as you see Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie The Bunny, Chica The Chicken, Foxy The Pirate Fox, or Golden Freddy, you immediately guess what game. However, these horror characters also participate in some fun games. There are many fan-made versions of this FNAF games series such as FNAF Plus because of its fame.

Stay alive until 6 a.m in Five Nights At Freddy's

In this game, your final mission is to survive in any way in your security room. The animatronics are staring you through the windows and doors. These animatronics walk around the hallway and they can jump into your room anytime.

Turn on the light to see animatronics

Two hallways lead to two doors in your room. The animatronics can appear in two hallways and stare at you. However, the hallway is too dark for you to see these animatronics, so you need to turn on the lights in the hallway. As soon as the haunted robots appear next to the window or door, you must close the door immediately. Some animatronics have incredible speed, so you also must be quick.

Save the power energy

In this game, the power energy runs the lights, doors, and camera. To increase the difficulty level, the power energy is limited and you have to save it. Otherwise, you can't close the door or monitor through the camera until 6am. If you can pass 5 nights, a plus night is opened. This 6th night is more challenging than the other nights.