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Are you ready for a new escape from the backrooms?

Escape the Backrooms brings a new genre of horror games to fans of horror games. Your mission is to escape from a strange place to come back to your room.

What are backrooms?

You may hear about bedrooms, toy rooms, living rooms, etc but have you ever heard about backrooms? Backrooms started as an urban legend and they are known to be a product of imagination and not real. Backrooms are infinite spaces that are separated into many different rooms. Almost all the rooms are the same together with old yellow walls and dim lights. Of course, some of the rooms are different from the yellow rooms. You can find some white rooms with computers if you walk around the map.

Dangers on backrooms

You think that these back rooms are dangerous because of their infinite space. However, some strange living creatures are your biggest threat. They have long arms and legs, so they can easily catch you while running. They have no face or ears but they can define your position. Although these backrooms are infinite, there is an exit. You need to move around and find out the way to exit.

How to escape in Escape the Backrooms

Escape from an infinite space isn't an easy mission but I believe you can do it. In this game, you need to be smart and quick to collect some useful information and objects. If you have to stay in a room to survive in FNAF Plus, you need to walk around the rooms to stay alive.

Based on some clues

The computer in the room contains some clues to find the exit. Moreover, you can pay attention to some signs on the wall. They can show off some dangers you may face in these rooms. You play this game on the first view, so it's hard to observe all around carefully. That's the reason why you should swipe the mouse continuously to look around.

Find the keys

The keys are often placed in different locations. If you don't look for them, they won't appear automatically. However, this will take some time. The rooms are similar, making it easy to get lost and encounter creepy creatures in the backrooms. However, you can solve this problem if you are familiar with the map in this game. Hope that you can conquer this game and don't forget to share it with your friends.