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The Baby In Yellow is a bone-chilling horror game that will make you tremble with fear. Experience and discover the dark secrets lurking within the shadows.

The plot of The Baby In Yellow

You find yourself in a seemingly ordinary home, but something is terribly wrong. As night falls, you discover an eerie presence, a mysterious baby doll dressed in a yellow gown. This innocent-looking doll holds a terrifying secret, and it's up to you to unravel the horrifying truth.

The game plunges you into a tense and atmospheric environment, where every creaking floorboard and flickering light adds to the sense of impending dread. As you explore the house, you must gather clues, solve puzzles, and uncover the disturbing history behind the Baby In Yellow.

Unraveling the horrifying truth about The Baby In Yellow

Try to survive to the end

But be warned, you're not alone in this game, other horror games like Poppy Playtime also make you scared and sweaty. The Baby In Yellow is a relentless pursuer, and you must navigate the house while avoiding its malevolent gaze. Stealth and quick thinking are your only allies as you try to survive the night and escape the clutches of this haunting entity.

As you progress, the stakes rise, and the horror intensifies. The Baby In Yellow will test your nerves and challenge your ability to stay calm under pressure. Can you outsmart the doll and survive its relentless pursuit?

How to play

Accept the quest displayed in the left corner of the screen. Follow the instructions and complete the tasks in the correct order. Before acting, consider every action so as not to make mistakes.
Use the mouse to move objects.

Point the mouse to observe the room.

Mouse wheel to control visibility.

Move using the arrow keys.