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Granny makes players unable to sit still because of her horror. Embark on a terrifying experience, escape the clutches of a strange and cruel old lady.

Obsessed with the horror game Granny

Game background

You awaken in a dark and sinister house, unaware of how you got there. As you explore your surroundings, you quickly realize that you are not alone. Granny, a twisted and vengeful old woman, is lurking in the shadows, determined to capture and torment you. Your objective is to survive and find a way to escape before she catches you.

Complete your escape mission successfully

You must navigate the house carefully, solve puzzles and find hidden objects that will aid your escape. But be cautious, Granny has keen senses and will react to every noise you make. You must move silently, avoiding creaking floorboards and other hazards that could take away your position.

The tension builds as you try to outsmart Granny while she patrols the house. You'll need to gather clues, unlock secret passages, and unravel the dark secrets hidden within the walls. But time is not on your side, every day that passes brings new challenges and dangers.

Heart-pounding and startling are the reactions that horror characters like Granny or Slender Man really want. But that means you failed the challenge. The desired result of the game is to make you sweat, haunted and terrified. But can it make you like that? Experience it and let us know.

How to survive successfully

Surviving and successfully escaping from Granny in the game requires careful planning, stealthy movements, and clever decision-making. Note the following:

  • Stay quiet and listen: Granny has sharp hearing and will investigate any noise she hears. Be mindful of your surroundings and avoid making unnecessary noises, such as stepping on creaky floorboards or knocking objects over.
  • Be cautious of traps: Granny has set traps around the house to catch unwary victims. Watch out for bear traps on the floor and tripwires that can trigger alarms. Stay alert and disarm or avoid these traps to ensure your safety.