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The new version of the FNAF series

FNAF 7 Unblocked is the seventh part of FNAF games which is recommended as a must-try. You have to close doors to prevent animatronics from entering your room.

In the previous, your mission was a night guard who had to monitor a restaurant at night. In this part, your role doesn't change and you also need to finish your shift at night. The walking animatronics can kill you any time as soon as they enter your guard room. You have to close the door as soon as these haunted animatronics approach your room. The more animatronics are in the restaurant, the more danger you are in. Before this part, you can experience the sixth part of the FNAF games series - Five Nights At Freddy's 6.

Explore the game rules in FNAF 7 Unblocked

This game increases the game difficulty by designing three doors which are two big doors and one door of vent. The vent door is between the two other doors. It's better to observe these doors.

Close three doors right time

The animatronics can access you by walking through these doors. In this game, you can't turn on the light to see the animatronics, so you just can monitor these robots through cameras. When you see these robots in the room next to your room, it's better to close in that direction. Observing enemies through a camera can help you know which direction animatronics will attack.

Some notes for you

Your room is quite closed so you always need to ensure the amount of oxygen in the room. There are some animatronics that will cause the amount of oxygen in the room to decrease. You are allowed to choose which animatronics you will face in this game. You might not even choose any animatronic at all. You need to try to save as much energy as possible because closing the door and using the camera both consume a certain amount of energy.