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Can you conquer all 4 level doors in Pizza Tower? They include Ancient, Water, Boulder, and Horror levels for all players to run with Peppino.

Participating in this online game, players have their first impression of the Peppino character.

Peppino - An Italian Chef

Look at Peppino on your screen! He is an Italian chef with excellent pizza-making ability. It seems that this character will have a peaceful life with his profession as a chef. However, Peppino must embark on adventures in Pizza Tower to bring peace to the culinary world.

Will you accompany him through trials and dangers? In front of 4 doors of four levels, Peppino is scared and waiting for your support!

The Pizza Tower Game

This new game is an online adventure game with the journey of the Peppino character through 4 levels.

Join 4 Levels With Peppino

As you can know, your character is Peppino and he needs to conquer 4 levels: Ancient, Water, Boulder, and Horror.

Participating in these 4 levels, you all have the same mission: run to the destination and defeat all opponents. On your run, you can face many dangers coming from Pizza Tower where a dark force always wants to stop you.

Pizza Tower Controls

To control your Peppino character, you need to use the arrow keys to move and the Z key to jump.

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