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Help Wanted is an online horror game inspired by Five Nights At Freddy's. There are still animatronics but the scene has changed to an entertainment company!

Background of Help Wanted

The FNAF game series is so famous in the gaming world for its sensational details when transforming into a night guard in Freddy's pizzeria. The animatronics are always looking for you to attack. The only way to survive is to use cameras, lights, and doors to fight off enemies.

This Help Wanted game is similar but the setting has been changed perfectly. Instead of Freddy's pizzeria, you will be a night shift security guard for an entertainment company. A new context opens up new challenges when confronting animatronics. Are you ready to join Help Wanted and fight new animatronics attacks?

How to Play At An Entertainment Company

Even though Help Wanted takes place at an entertainment company, its gameplay is similar to other FNAF games.

Role Of The Night Guard

In Help Wanted, you will transform into a night guard. Your night shift will end at 5 am. However, to survive until 5 am, it is a challenge for all online players.

When participating in this horror game, players need time management skills and quick reactions to avoid being attacked and survive terrifying nights.

How To Fight Animatronics In Help Wanted

To fight the animatronic animals, you will use several tools and systems in the entertainment company.

  • Camera system: In the entertainment company, there is a security system with surveillance cameras available. You need to regularly check these cameras to see where the animatronic animals are moving. This helps you know where they are coming from and prepare to react.
  • Doors: In the Help Wanted game, there are doors that you can close to prevent the animatronic from gaining access. If you see any animal approaching, close that door to keep yourself safe.
  • Power: Another important factor in this horror game is power management. You have a limited amount of power to use for security devices such as lights and doors. Use them wisely and save energy so you don't run out of power and become weak before the animatronic's attack.