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About FNAF Shooter

FNAF Shooter is a shooting animatronics game where you turn into a pro shooter. In this game, you have to destroy enough animatronics to complete a round.

The villains in this game are inspired by the animatronics of Five Nights at Freddy’s 3. They are huge robots that have a weird appearance. They're very dangerous because they kill anyone near them. You are a pro gunner and tasked to destroy these animatronics. Therefore, you have to enter these animatronics' base which is an entertainment park. It's dark, so it's hard to see from far away. You have to flashlight and move around the map to find animatronics.

FNAF Shooter gameplay

The animatronics stand in different positions on the map. Therefore, you need to move around the map to encounter these animatronics.

Shoot animatronics

Your main weapons are guns, so you should practice your aiming skills. You need to ensure you usually shoot the correct target. If you walk on the animatronics' area, they immediately chase you. That’s the reason why you should move and shoot at once. Don’t let these animatronics access and attack you. When you save a certain amount of money, you can buy new guns. There are some powerful guns which can kill animatronics easily. However, the price of these powerful guns aren’t cheap.

Walk around and look at mini-map

The park is very large and has many buildings. You have to look at a mini-map to locate your position and where the animatronics are. You are a blue icon on the map and your enemies are a red circle on the map. It’s better to fight the animatronic one by one. There are two kinds of animatronics which are Freddy Bear and Bunny. When Bunny and Freddy Bear chase you at once, you should destroy Bunny first because Bunny can run more quickly than Freddy Bear. Good luck!