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The plot in Backrooms Trials

Backrooms Trials is a famous horror escape game with creepy monsters. You need to escape from here or be trapped here forever with a monster.

You have a long sleep and in the dream, you are stuck in the back rooms. Here, old yellow walls form endless mazes. There is only one door to escape this strange place. If you can't escape from here, you will be trapped in this dream forever. Backrooms not only have endless mazes but also scary monsters. They hunt and capture survivors in the Backrooms. There is another game which has the same setting - Escape the Backrooms where you also need to escape from back rooms.

How to escape back rooms in Backrooms Trials

Right at the beginning, you can see a locked door. It's the only way out of here. So, walk around to find the keys.

Find the keys

You need to find a total of 3 keys in the back rooms to open the exit door. The keys are randomly located and quite far apart. You need to move quickly around the map to find the key. Also, pay attention to some notes written on the wall like watch your step or don't make a noise. You need to follow these notes to avoid some dangers in back rooms. Don't get lost in this vast maze.

Be careful with monsters

The monster with a strange shape will be the villain in this game. It also moves around the back rooms looking for you. Therefore, you should not stand in one position for too long. You need to carefully observe before and after to avoid being sudde