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Become a monster hunter in this game

Bigfoot Hunting turns you into a great hunter with excellent gun skills. Your mission is to hunt a giant monster in a foggy forest where dangers lurk.

This game is set in a dark forest where sunlight cannot be seen during the day. Fog surrounds the forest, causing your visibility to be limited. Playing in first-person perspective also makes your vision not so clear. This brings a feeling of excitement to each player. The giant monster will not appear naturally, so you need to do some actions to catch it. Be careful because these monsters are very dangerous. They will attack people around them. Prove you are an experienced hunter.

How to hunt monsters in Bigfoot Hunting

Monsters will not automatically appear or roam like in Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location. You need to find the monster and capture it. Take the necessary items from the small house at the beginning.

Use meat to lure monsters

Monsters' favorite food is meat, so prepare raw meat. Then, you need to find a suitable location to put the meat down and hide nearby. When the monster comes to eat the meat, use the gun to attack it. You can also place traps next to pieces of meat to hurt monsters.

Deals damage to monsters

There are many types of guns for you to choose from before going hunting. You can choose the gun that suits you best. Don't forget the traps will also be very useful. Try to hit the monsters to deal a lot of damage to them. This helps you take down monsters before they attack you.