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Introduction about Five Nights At Shrek's Hotel

Five Nights At Shrek's Hotel set up in a creepy hotel which is owned by a strange character. You have to stay in this hotel for 5 nights and complete some work.

In this game, you are a poor person who doesn't have enough money to purchase a new house. Therefore, you have to stay at a hotel where some creepy phenomena happen. When you sleep at night, you have nightmares about the hotel's owner. What are the secrets of Shrek - the hotel's owner? You can explore them gradually in this game.

Guide to play Five Nights At Shrek's Hotel

You enter the hotel and encounter Shrek at the reception. You asked for a room for 5 nights and there is an empty room on the second floor. You need some money, so Shrek asks you to do some work.

Done your work

On the first night, your work is very easy to complete. Taking the boxes upstairs, cleaning the toilets, etc are your first jobs. However, one day Shrek asked whether you were scared of blood. Then, he said you continue to clean the toilet with a broom. When you open the toilet door, you see a person who is killed. You want to go out here but Shrek attacks you.

Collect 49 onions or be killed

Shrek takes you to the backroom which only has the yellow walls. You have to run quickly and find 49 onions in the backroom. The timer is 1 minute. If you can't collect enough onions, Shrek will seek you and kill you. This happens on the fifth night. If you can pass the 5th night, you can escape from the terrible hotel. This game is inspired by a famous horror game called Five Nights at Freddy's 3.