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Survival game with cartoon characters in this game

Five Nights At Spongebob is a survival horror game where you will see familiar cartoon characters. They become scary and dangerous when night comes.

This game is a fan-made version inspired by Five Nights At Freddy's. The gameplay and modes seem familiar but the villain is changed. Instead of animatronics, the villains in this game will be cartoon characters from Spongebob. They still have a funny appearance but their night version becomes creepy. These cartoon characters wander around and want to reach you. Make sure they cannot enter your room, otherwise you will be in danger.

Stay alive until the morning in Five Nights At Spongebob

You have to survive in a creepy building haunted by scary cartoon characters. They are trying to get close to your room to attack you. So, you need to do everything to prevent cartoon characters from entering your room.

Turn on the lights and close the door at the right time

There will be two doors to enter your room and two windows. The monsters will usually appear at the window first and then they move to the door. The hallway is so dark that you have to turn on the lights to see the cartoon characters. As soon as you see them, close the electric door immediately. These cartoon characters cannot destroy the door so you don't need to worry.

Save electricity

Monitoring via cameras, closing doors or turning on lights all consume a certain amount of electricity while the electricity in the building is limited. You must use them properly when morning has not yet come. Constantly closing the door will cause you to consume more electricity. Try to get everything exactly right.