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FNAF Ultimate Custom Night is a horror game inspired by the FNAF games series. Your mission is to prevent the animatronics from attacking you.

Choose your enemies in this game

Different from games like FNAF 4, this game allows you to choose which animatronics to face. You are just starting to play this game, choose animatronics. If you want to challenge yourself, you can choose all the animatronics. Naturally, you face more attacks when there are many enemies. Depending on your abilities, adjust the game to suit you.

FNAF Ultimate Custom Night gameplay

You are at an amusement park where there are funny entertaining robots. However, these robots are haunted and become dangerous at night. They will attack you because you are the only one in this amusement park. The animatronics will try to reach you through 3 doors. First is the vent door facing you and the two large doors on either side. Now, you need to press the button to close these doors. Observe the animatronics from the camera to know their location. As soon as you see them moving towards your room, immediately close the doors. Energy is used to open and close the door, so it will be consumed when you close the door.

Game control: In this game, you just need to click the left mouse button to play this game. Of course, you also can tap on the screen to play this game if this game runs on a tablet or smartphone.