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Move forward in this game

Hill Climb Racing gives you an endless race track that is set on dangerous hills. You drive forward until your character bumps his head or runs out of fuel.

Be award of rocks

As you know, the road in the hills will not be flat. Undulating roads or steep slopes will make you struggle. However, the large stones on the path are truly dangerous. Your vehicle can get caught on rocks and cause the driver to bump his head. So, you can get momentum to pass the rocks without touching them. You can also walk slowly to keep your balance easier.

Collect coins

The coins on the road will help you a lot. You need them to unlock and buy many items needed for racing in this game. So, collect lots of coins to fill your wallet. Collecting all the coins is not necessary to win a level.

Select maps, cars and upgrades in Hill Climb Racing

In this game, each map is counted as a level and you only need to reach the destination to complete that level. Each map requires a certain amount of money to unlock them. You will not be able to unlock a level after completing the previous level like Pizza Tower. In addition, you can also buy new cars with the gold coins you earn. Don't forget to upgrade the car's parts so it can easily maintain balance and pass many levels.