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Horror Nights Story is an underground survival game to fight horror dangers. Challenges will come from monsters and oxygen states in the cave.

Horror Nights Story Overview

Welcome to a new horror game on our website where famous horror game series are released!

Like Slide In The Woods, this game will also focus on survival gameplay in a horror environment. Specifically, you will transform into a miner and also an explorer. From a first-person perspective, you can see the surrounding environment covered by earthen walls. You are in a sealed underground cave. How to survive and escape from this dangerous cave? Let's find out the next part of this Horror Nights Story game!

How To Survive In Underground Cave

This Horror Nights Story game takes you to a closed underground cave with a few tools. You will need to take advantage of these tools to survive and overcome the dangers.

Oxygen State And Torches

Oxygen state and torture are two important elements of the Horror Nights Story game.

  • You need to maintain the right amount of oxygen for the cave to continue to survive. To perform this mission, pay attention to the oxygen generator.
  • Torches play an important role in fighting monsters. 4 small caves lead to different locations. You need to maintain torches in front of the cave entrance to detect the appearance of monsters.

Dig Deep In Horror Nights Story

Try to dig deep underground through caves to find a chance to survive and escape. The Horror Nights Story game will provide tools and you need to find them to start digging.