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Imposter 3D: Online Horror allows you to enjoy two modes. Each mode is set up in a different background and you have to complete different missions.

Encounter similar character

In this game, you can see many Among Us characters which are unique and cute. However, imposters in this game turn into zombies which are very dangerous. In each mode, you turn into an Among Us character and complete different tasks. Before you play this game, it's better to read the guide. You just spend some minutes on understanding the game rules.

Explain two modes in Imposter 3D: Online Horror

There are two modes in this game which are single play and online play. Now, I will show the difference between these modes.

Single play mode

The background of this mode is a spaceship that is dark and creepy. You even can set up the screamers in the settings section. In this mode, you have to find 8 baby astronauts who are hidden in random positions of a spaceship. You can choose the difficult levels such as practice, easy, medium, or hard levels. You can get used to the map when experiencing the practice level. There is no imposter at the practice level.

Online play mode

In this mode, you can be a crew member or a zombie imposter. In the beginning, you are a crew member and finish some given missions. While doing missions, you also need to stay away from imposters. You can set up some traps on the way to disable the imposter for a few minutes. However, when you are bitten by an imposter, you will turn into an imposter. At that time, you find the normal members to make them into zombies. Besides this game, I want to introduce another horror game which is Scary Neighbor Online.