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Introduction to Poppy Playtime Chapter 3

Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 is the third part of the horror game series - Poppy Playtime. You are a former employee of a toy company and lost in a toy factory.

In the previous chapter, the former employee has to face many creepy toy monsters and a new toy monster appears in this chapter. With some special ability, this new monster can kill the former employee. Many players said that this monster is more powerful than the monster in the previous version. It is a big toy called Catnap that has big eyes and a big mouth. Catnap can release red smoke which causes people to hallucinate. Besides this game, you can experience another game - One Night At Flumpty's which is also a horror game.

How to play Poppy Playtime Chapter 3

This is an exploring horror game, so you need to move around to explore new environments and complete some missions. In this chapter, the former employee is taken to Playcare which is one of the toy factories.

Listen to Ollie

When you are walking around, you get called by Ollie. He will guide you to survive in the dangerous area. You should believe Ollie because he is the only guy who knows about Playcare. Let's follow the Ollie guide to stay alive in Playcare.

Not ending

You encounter Poppy and Missy Kissy but they're your enemies. They will reveal some secrets about the factory. In the end, when you defeat Catnap, Experiment 1006 appears and kills Catnap. This series won't stop at chapter 3 because the boss isn't killed. While waiting for chapter 4, you can learn many secrets through this chapter.