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Revenge of the animatronics in this game

Scary Toys The Revenge is a great stress reliever game. The characters you need to attack are animatronics that are familiar to many fans of horror games.

Animatronics have appeared a lot in Five Nights At Freddy's 2 and they continue to be added to this game. However, these animatronics cannot attack you in this game. They can only move slowly to avoid your attacks. This is your chance to take revenge on these villains. They can't hide in the dark to jump on you. Now, you just need to choose your weapon and attack these animatronics.

How to play Scary Toys The Revenge

This game is also considered a clicker game. Each time you click, the weapon will attack a specific target.

Buy weapons with great damage

This game offers 3 different weapons displayed in the store. These include long-range weapons, close-range weapons, and explosive weapons. Close-range weapons often have less damage than long-range weapons. In addition, weapons that use explosives have the greatest damage. The most difficult to use are the guns because you will have to adjust them to shoot accurately at the target.

Defeat the animatronics

It will take you quite a while to take down animatronics with a lot of HP. At first, the animatronics' HP is very low and can be easily defeated. However, later animatronics will become stronger with higher HP numbers. At this time, powerful weapons will take effect.