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Skibidi Toilet Hunter embarks on the ultimate Skibidi Toilet Hunter character! Make the restroom your battlefield and the elusive cameramen your target.

Play as Skibidi Toilet and hunt down the cameramen

Destroy all cameramen in sight

Contrary to other horror games like Choo Choo Charles Revenge where the player plays the victim and has to run away from horror characters, in this game, you will do the opposite.

As you step into this whimsical world, you take control of a determined Skibidi character, equipped with the ability to move using the WASD keys and launch your attacks with the left mouse button. Your mission is clear: track down and capture the mischievous artificial intelligence cameramen who have taken refuge within the restrooms.

The number of cameramen in each challenge will be displayed at the top of the screen. Completing the challenge before the time ends will benefit you in the next challenges.

How to control Skibidi Toilet

Move using WASD keys or arrow keys

Attack by pressing the green button in the right corner of the screen

Create an appropriate strategy for each challenge

As you progress through the game, the challenges become more complex, and the cameramen become craftier. You'll need to strategize your moves, utilize your surroundings wisely, and adapt to their evolving tactics to emerge victorious.

Time is limited and the requirements are higher and more difficult, requiring players to be faster to complete the mission. Instead of the usual pursuit, I recommend that you give yourself another path of attack that will take less time, but how to create another path is up to you to experience and summarize after your experiences. in the first levels.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. Each level presents you with intricately designed restroom environments, where the cameramen lurk in cleverly concealed spots. Your keen observation skills will be put to the test as you click on various parts of the screen to survey your surroundings and detect these hidden adversaries.