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About The Man From The Window

The Man From The Window is a game based on a horror story about a man who specializes in looking into houses through windows. He is dangerous and creepy.

This game revolves around the story of a mother and daughter in a house. The mother came home late from work and her son was scared of something. The boy kept talking about a man trying to catch him and that he was shaking. The dangerous man comes from the storybook called "The Man From The Window". The mother did not believe what her son said until strange phenomena happened. There were knocks on the door and a strange looking man was standing outside the door. Many possible endings depend on your choices.

How to get a good ending in The Man From The Window

Nothing could stop the dangerous man from breaking into the house. What you do is make it take him as much time as possible to get into the house.

Ensure safety for yourself and your son

You will read the book the son gave you to better understand the man at the window. You need to make choices that can stop the man's attack. You won't have the strength to attack him again. However, you can hide your son and escape on your own. Think through every possible situation after you make your choices.

Extend the time in this game

The man outside the window only spent 5 minutes in your house. If the 5 minutes expires, he must leave immediately. So, if you and your son are not found within 5 minutes, you will be safe. Open the donut box and lock all the doors. Don't forget to use the couch to block the door. You may like exploring a creepy house in The Baby In Yellow.