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Play Tunnel Rush to experience running at a fast speed in color tunnels. Thousands of obstacles are waiting for you to conquer and get the highest score.

Types Of Tunnels

Tunnel Rush players often do not know about the existence of tunnel types. Tunnels in this online game are not just one type. You can experience at least two types of tunnels through your adventures.

Although the number of tunnels is not as large as the number of levels in Pizza Tower, it is enough to meet the entertainment needs of players. The reason is the challenge of this Tunnel Rush game. It will not be easy for players to conquer this running game, so two types of tunnels are enough to experience.

These two types of tunnels will be different in structure and your path of movement. The first type is octagonal with a hollow core. You will run inside this tunnel. In contract, the second type will be solid and you will run outside the tunnel.

Although this difference is not significant, it brings novelty and excitement to Tunnel Rush players. In particular, to get to the second type of tunnel, it is not easy. Therefore, tunnels are also an opportunity for players to show their bravery.

How To Run In Tunnel Rush

Running in Tunnel Rush is quite simple because you only need to follow the following two rules.

Avoid All Red Obstacles

The leading principle of this Tunnel Rush game is to avoid red obstacles. Players must stop playing immediately if they crash into these obstacles.

However, the obstacles do not let you perform the task easily because they will move.

Score the Most Points in Tunnel Rush

This running game is designed with endless gameplay, so players can run as far as possible to get the highest score possible.