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The war between cowboys and zombies

Zombies Can't Jump 2 is a shooting game where cowboys need to destroy incoming zombies. You will be a talented strategist and shooter in this game.

Zombies have begun to invade the world and they want to take over the land of the cowboys. This is probably their wrong decision because they will have to face the skilled gunmen of this land. They have prepared many weapons to be able to defeat zombies. This game is entertaining with fun gameplay for everyone. The zombies and shooting scenes are designed with cartoon graphics that make the game more fun. In this game site, I also want to introduce to you.

How to defeat zombies in Zombies Can't Jump 2

These zombies can't jump, so your character just needs to stand still. Prepare the most powerful weapons to shoot at the enemy. This game will bring you thrilling moments.

Build towers and shoot zombies

Your Tower will be wooden boxes that zombies can't jump to. However, they can crash hard into wooden boxes to destroy these boxes. Therefore, you need to create wooden boxes as soon as a box is destroyed. Your character can only stand on a maximum of 3 wooden boxes. The character will automatically shoot towards the zombies but you need to orient the character. They can shoot in front or back depending on you.

Use support and upgrade

The game provides characters with many different types of weapons, of which the default weapons are quite weak. When you encounter strong opponents, buy stronger weapons. However, you will only be able to use these weapons for a certain time. If you want to continue using it, you have to spend money to buy more. In addition, you can spend 100 gold coins to buy support to make the character stronger.