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Experience the famous multiplayer game

Among Us Online offers an exciting platform for players where they can experience thrills and excitement. You must complete the mission without being detected.

In recent years, Among Us's unique characters have become famous around the world. With their special appearance, these characters are even the inspiration for many online games. Now you can experience the originals of these characters. A silent war took place on a large spaceship. An imposter broke into the spaceship and transformed into a crew member. He silently killed the crew members on the spaceship. Who will be the winner? Will the crew discover the traitor? You also can experience another thrilling game which is Backrooms Trials.

How to play as an imposter in Among Us Online

You will transform into an evil impostor in this game. Your mission is to destroy a sufficient number of crew members. Your time is limited, so you need to act quickly.

Kill crew members

The number of crew members on the ship is very large and you may be detected. You need to gradually destroy the crew members. However, when you attack the crew members, you must make sure no one sees your actions. When a crew member's death is reported, the surviving crew members vote on who is the impostor. Some crew members may be suspected and removed from the spacecraft. So, after attacking the members, try to run away from the scene.

Some tips to avoid being detected

As an impostor, you can crawl under vents located in rooms. These vents are connected to each other, so you can escape the scene easily. Additionally, you can immediately report a crew member's death to make everyone believe that you are also a crew member. There are many other tips you can find on the Internet.