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The plot of this game

Baldi Basics Spoopy Mod offers a new version of Baldi Basics where you solve some math problems to get 7 notebooks in different classrooms of the school.

School is out, but your friend forgets something. He left all his notebooks at the school but he has no time to go back to the school and take them. He has a party tonight and he'll be late for this party. Therefore, you will help him take all his notebooks by going back to school. However, this mission isn't easy because of Scary Teacher. This teacher is at the school now and he likes challenging his students. You have to solve three math problems to get one notebook. If you have a wrong answer, you will be punished. You also can enjoy other horror games such as The Man From The Window on our site.

How to play Baldi Basics Spoopy Mod

As I mentioned, your final target is to collect 7 notebooks and exit this school. Each notebook is placed in a different room, so you have to open many doors to find them.

Find notebooks in classroom

The notebook is always in the room with a blue door. After you solve the math problem in these rooms, the yellow doors at the ball are opened. Then, you can move to the next room. Of course, to collect these notebooks, you have to be good at math. However, some questions are impossible to answer. At that time, you have to runaways because the Scary Teacher is chasing you.

Run and get notebook quickly

When your answer is wrong, the Scary Teacher is angry and he wants to punish you. At that time, you need to run away from this teacher and find the other notebooks. Don't let the Scary Teacher come close to you. Otherwise, you will lose this game.