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Join the battle of warriors provides players around the world with a platform for them to transform into brave warriors. These warriors must fight each other.

This is a multiplayer game so you can fight many other players around the world. In this game, only strong and intelligent warriors can survive on the battlefield. So, you need to help your warrior upgrade to become strong. Besides, defeating other warriors is also one of your tasks. Sometimes, you should not face strong people directly because this is very dangerous. If you are also a brave warrior, you can challenge yourself with Five Nights at Huggy.

How to become stronger in

Becoming strong takes a long time to accumulate experience. You just need to level up your warriors, their strength will automatically improve.

Fight to die

Fierce battles take place continuously on the battlefield and you also need to participate in these battles. Warriors use weapons and attack other characters continuously. Pay attention to the health bar at the feet of the characters. If this color bar is exhausted, the character is defeated. You will have an advantage when fighting low level warriors. However, be careful with high level warriors as they can take you down with a few hits.

Level up the character

Pay attention to the red orbs on the platform. They are the experiences needed to level up your character. So you need to gather them to fill the level bar on the screen. When your level bar is full, your character's HP will also improve. From there, he can withstand more damage from opponents.