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The new version of FNAF series

Five Nights at Huggy has the familiar villain that's Huggy. In this game, he walks around the building to kill you, so you need to close the door to survive.

You may know the famous villains such as Freddy, Foxy, etc in FNAF games. However, the game changed the new villains but they are as dangerous as the familiar villains. You are in a toy factory that has many moving huge toys. These toys are finding you and want to kill you. The gloomy factory with no people has many dangers. You have to prevent the toys from accessing your room. Otherwise, you need to restart this game. You need to survive in the room from 12 am to 6 am while the electric source of the building is limited. After conquering this game, you can challenge your skills with Backrooms Trials. You need to find the escape in the backrooms of that game.

How to stay alive in Five Nights at Huggy

Surviving till 6 am is your main target in this game. The game offers some support which are camera and light for you. You can follow the situations of each room in the building through the camera. Then, you can know when and where the dangerous toys appear. If the toy comes close to your room, you can turn on the light to see the toys. Monitoring through the camera and turning on the light cost some electricity. To prevent the toys entering the room, you need to close the door. When you close the door, you also need to use the power. Therefore, you only should close the door when it's necessary. You need to save the power because you need to survive for a long time.