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The underwater hunt begins

Fish Eat Fish is set under the ocean allowing players around the world to participate in this game. You and other players compete to become the strongest fish.

Under the dark seabed, ocean creatures have begun their hunt. You become the hunter or the prey which depends on the score you achieve. To increase the size and score of your fish, you need to absorb as much food as possible. Additionally, when you are a small fish, avoiding conflicts with large creatures is essential. Many players have participated in this game and given positive feedback. You also can experience the games for one player such as Zombies Can't Jump 2.

Lengthen your fish's size in Fish Eat Fish

When you first start, your fish will be very small and can easily become a meal for other fish. To become strong, the fish needs to grow bigger by absorbing food and staying away from dangers.

Absorb as much food as possible

Small sea creatures such as worms, shrimp, etc. will be the fish's main food. This staple is found everywhere and it doesn't move. Besides, your fish can eat other swimming fish. Each time the fish eats, the fish's points will be added. The number of points increases and the size of the fish also increases.

Distinguishing types of jellyfish

Under the ocean, colorful jellyfish float everywhere. They are also considered a food but some of them are harmful to the fish. The pink and purple jellyfish make the fish move slowly and the score is reduced. The blue jellyfish incapacitated the fish for a few seconds. However, green jellyfish can help increase your score.