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Explore a new world in the new version of Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash SubZero is a new version of Geometry Dash where you can test your agility. This game only has one level but it integrates many difficult terrains.

This game is a fan-made version but its graphics are really impressive. You will see obstacles or characters painted with many eye-catching colors. This will create a colorful geometric world and you will be surprised when you enter this world. In addition, you can also change to new characters in different states in the main menu. Choose your favorite character and change their color. This game has quite simple gameplay but brings entertaining moments to players. If you like another fast-paced game, you should try Tunnel Rush.

Complete the level in Geometry Dash SubZero

You only need to complete one level and you will win this game. This level is divided into many different stages. Each time you go through the portal you will reach a new stage. You won't have time to rest because the geometry will move continuously.

Jump and fly

Geometry can jump to avoid hitting spikes. Sometimes, it will change into a UFO. Of course, the UFO will fly in the air instead of moving on the ground. Whether the main character flies or jumps on the ground, you need to help him avoid all dangers.

Practice mode

To accommodate beginners, this game has introduced a practice mode. In this mode, there are checkpoints along the way. Checkpoints help you continue your journey at the last location where geometry was destroyed. If you are confident with your abilities, you can play normal mode. Let's take part in this color race!