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Grumace takes you to a strange restaurant that has strange marks on the walls. You need to collect 8 milkshakes to leave this terrible place.

The villain in this game

In FNAF Ultimate Custom Night, the villains are dangerous animatronics. However, the villain in this game is a purple monster. It has the same color as the water cup in the original restaurant. This monster can take down anyone it sees on its way. The monster has learned of your existence and it is looking for you. So, you have to hide from the monster and find all 8 milkshakes to survive.

Guide to play Grumace

You will play this game in first person so you will have the full horror experience. You are having a drink at a small restaurant. After you drink water, you get sleepy and close your eyes for a few minutes. However, after waking up you find yourself in an old bathroom. Green streaks of water spread across the toilet like streaks of blood. You don't see anyone at the restaurant and you need to escape immediately. Besides, you also discover a strange creature wandering in the restaurant. It will put you in danger as soon as you encounter it. Now, you need to move from room to room to be able to search for the necessary objects. As soon as you see the purple monster, run to another location. Hope you have a lot of fun playing this game.