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Become a shark in this game

Hungry Shark Arena is a multiplayer game that requires you to be stronger to eliminate other sharks. Many other players also join this game and fight you.

Are you curious about life under the sea? Here, different species of fish live and only strong fish can survive. You will control a shark in a vast ocean and search for food to become strong. There will be many creatures, even humans, swimming in the ocean. You need to move skillfully and increase your size to attack larger creatures. If you are a brave player, you can participate in some horror games like Skibidi Toilet Hunter.

How to become a winner in Hungry Shark Arena

You are recognized as the winner when you are the last shark in the ocean. Many other players also want to survive until the end, so attacks will take place continuously.

Attack other sharks and consume food

There are a total of 20 players on one platform, so you have to face 19 opponents. You may not directly participate in attacking opponents because opponents can fight among themselves. However, you also need to pay attention to your surroundings to make sure you are not attacked. To attack other sharks, just left click. Your food will be creatures smaller than you in the ocean. The size of sharks can reach XXL when they absorb a lot of food.

The obstacles in the sea

The sea area will be narrowed because the poison is gradually spreading. You should not swim into green waters because they will cause your shark to die. Additionally, some bombs floating in the ocean will cause your shark to be disabled when it crashes into them. Ideally, you should avoid these dangerous obstacles.