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Welcome to the world of element

Infinite Craft is a merging game where you can create many different elements. In this game, this game encourages logical thinking and creativity.

Games that connect the elements are no longer strange to players. The game gives you many different factors. You can create many new elements with the abundance of elements in this game. As the number of factors increases, you will have more choices in creating a new factor. With this interesting game, you can experience it with your friends and help each other find new elements. In case you love horror game, you can enjoy Poppy Playtime Chapter 3.

How to create new factors in Infinite Craft

Instead of creating two identical items together, you can choose random items to merge them. Some of the items can't be merged with another item. Therefore, you may take a lot of time to play this game. No one knows how many items there are in this game. Thus, you have to find as many new items as possible. This game offers a longboard that contains all the items that you find. If you want to find more items, your logical thinking is very important. For example, let's imagine what item appears when you merge Earth with Fire. The answer is Lava. From that, you can create many new items with lava cards.