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Discover many types of tropical fruits in this game

Merge Fruits is a merging game with a tropical fruit theme. You need to create new fruits by merging two similar fruits together in one container.

Do you love succulent tropical fruits? You won't eat them in this game but you can create many new fruits. Two identical fruits touching each other will create a new, larger fruit. Your task is to drop the provided fruits into a container. With eye-catching graphics, this game is loved by many children. Besides entertainment purposes, this game also helps children improve their intelligence. Are you ready for an exciting merging game? In case you love horror games, Poppy Office Nightmare is for you.

How to conquer Merge Fruits - an endless game

You can play this game forever until one of the balls reaches the red line. This red line is located at the top of the container in this game. You need to extend the time you play the game to get the highest score.

Get a high score

You can track your score at the top of the screen. Each time a new fruit is created in the container, you will receive a certain number of points. Just don't let any fruit touch the red line at the top of the container, I'm sure you can get a high score. Large fruits like coconuts, pineapples, and watermelons will give you more points than small fruits.

Make the room in the container

When you drop the fruits, you need a large space in the container to accommodate these fruits. Therefore, creating space in the container is very important. Drop similar fruits close together so they can combine into one fruit. From there, you can save more space.