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Poppy Office Nightmare has a gloomy and creepy atmosphere that can scare any brave player. You need to find enough lost toys to escape from this place.

The setting of this game is an abandoned building that has old furniture. There is no light, so all the rooms are engulfed in darkness. In the dark, a strange and dangerous creature is looking at you. It walks around the building to find you and kill you. Now, you need to escape from this building and explore the mysterious story behind this game. It's better to use headphones or earphones to play this horror game. The sound effects and music contribute to the success of this horror game.

Poppy Office Nightmare gameplay

You can see your mission on the right corner of the screen. That's collecting the lost toys in the building. The toys are hidden in random positions, so you only move around to find them.

Collect the lost toys

The dark covers the building but you still can see around with one flashlight. You use this flashlight to light the environment. However, the flashlight isn't big, so your vision is also limited. You should open all the doors, cabinets, and drawers. Monsters often wander in places with lost toys. As soon as you want to pick the toy up, the monster will appear and attack you. Each time you collect one toy, you come close to the escape door. Moreover, the scary story is also gradually revealed through lost toys.

Avoid Huggy Wuggy

Huggy Wuggy is a haunted toy that is big and has long arms. It will kill your character when it can approach you. Moreover, you have no weapon, so you can't fight this monster directly. It's better to run away to keep your character safe from Huggy Wuggy. Furthermore, you should observe around you because the monster can attack you from behind. After escaping from this building, let's explore a new abandoned house in Sparky Marky Chapter 2.