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Sparky Marky Chapter 2 gives you many choices when you can change the settings or the villain. You have to find the pictures to know what's going on.

Some strange thing happens in this game

You wake up in a strange place. This looks like an abandoned building with old objects. You see a picture next to you and you need to find the assigned number of pictures. Then you can see what's going on. While moving through the building, you will encounter dangerous monsters. They will chase and attack you as soon as they see you. Quickly run away or use weapons to attack them.

How to play Sparky Marky Chapter 2

This horror game gives you scary experiences in an old abandoned building. To complete the mission, you need to move your character around the rooms looking for paintings.

Collect 10 pictures

10 paintings are hidden in different locations and you need to collect them all. Try to look in closets and open doors in all rooms. Zombies will often hang around the area where the painting is. So, after getting the picture, you need to move to another location quickly. Time is unlimited so you can walk around looking for paintings. The building is so large that you can get lost in it.


You can unlock new backgrounds in this game. You may wake up in an old school or a hospital depending on the background you choose. Furthermore, monster selection is also allowed. However, you need enough gold to unlock new villains or backgrounds. You can also choose your own villain in FNAF Ultimate Custom Night.