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Experience the creepy park at night in this game

Night Walk is a horror game with a simple game rule. You just walk a long way in a park that is covered by fog. Then, you can experience different endings.

This game is different from Five Nights At Shrek's Hotel because you don't have to survive. You don't need to complete some missions in this game. You are an employee on your way home. You have to go across a park which is horror at night. There are no people at the park and the lights are dim which makes the park more creepy. You even listen clearly to your footsteps.

Some endings in Night Walks

This game has two main endings which are happy and sad. You just move forward on the way to explore these endings.

You come back home safety

This is a happy ending because you are safe. Although you find a pool of blood, nothing happens to you. You just need to go to the end of the way to get out of the park. In this ending, you find no scary things or terrible characters.

Death happens

After you experience the first ending, you will restart walking at the first point of the road. The background is the same as the previous ending but something strange will happen. At that time, you can see a baby's cradle and hear the baby's cry. Then, you come close to the cradle and a terrible face appears behind you. He's a monster waiting for you.