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Experience the horror and exploration game

SCP-087: Horror Stairs is a unique combination of horror and exploration gameplay. The place you need to explore is the stairs in a strange building.

This game is not a survival game like Five Nights At Spongebob. You won't need to prevent the villain from entering your room. Your task is to move to the last staircase. There is no lighting at these stairs. The enveloping darkness makes the space darker. The stairs at the end will contain surprises for you.

Explore the strange staircases in SCP-087: Horror Stairs

Suddenly one day you are taken to a strange place where there are scary stairs. All you have is a flashlight with limited power.

Objects and phenomena appear on the stairs

You will climb down the stairs instead of up. The special thing is that the number will gradually increase as you go down the stairs below. The first stairs won't contain many strange things until you get to the last stairs. The black shadow or the ball that moves on its own will make you startled with fear. Are you curious what's at the bottom of the stairs?

Move fast and save electricity

You need to go down quickly and a flashlight is all you have. The flashlight's energy will gradually run out when illuminated. So, you have to make sure the flashlight can still illuminate when you reach the final stairs. Otherwise, you might lose this horror exploration game.