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The plot in Siren Head: Playing In The Forest

Siren Head: Playing In The Forest is about your adventure in a forest when your car is broken in this dark forest. You have to face creepy monsters here.

This game is set up in a dark forest that contains some strange creatures. These creatures have a strange appearance. They have two speakers instead of a head on their body. With long arms and legs, they can capture any human quickly. You are the poor person who has to encounter these monsters. They chase you everywhere even when you escape from the forest. Therefore, you have to kill the boss to stay alive. For some other horror games, you can try Night Walk where you can experience the different endings.

How to play Siren Head: Playing In The Forest

This game has many levels which have different challenges for players. Each level requires you to complete the different missions and you just need to follow the guide in each level.

Collect required objects

In level 1, you need to collect your car's part to escape the forest. Some car parts are separated after the accident. You need to collect them to repair your car. In level 2, you need to collect some keys in the police office to run away from the monster. You can see a guide arrow which can help you know the correct direction. Collecting enough objects is the only way to pass some levels.

Kill monster

You are offered some weapons on some levels. You just need to use the weapon to shoot the monsters. You must kill the monster before they can approach you. The final level is a battle between you and the boss. Let's choose the most powerful weapon and beat this dangerous monster boss.