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Welcome to world of geometry

Trigonometry Dash is a control game that requires the player's dexterity. This game will be different from the Geometry Dash versions in terms of gameplay.

Control geometry to reach the destination

This game offers many levels with different terrains. To conquer these levels, you need to get the geometry to the finish line safely. The destination will be at the end of the road. You need to help geometry jump over many obstacles such as spikes and avoid hitting blocks along the way. In addition, you can also collect some gold coins in levels to make the game more difficult.

Change character

In this game, you are allowed to change to a new character. New characters with a variety of colors and forms will make the game much more interesting. Changing multiple colors for a single character is allowed in this game. You don't need gold coins or to complete any missions to customize the main character.

The difference between Trigonometry Dash and other Geometry Dash games

You are probably familiar with the Geometry Dash game series where the main character is a geometry. It automatically moves forward at breakneck speed. You just need to control the character to jump or avoid obstacles. This game will be easier when you will directly control the character to move forward with the right arrow. So, the character's speed will depend on you. With different pixel graphics compared to other Geometry Dash game versions, it also brings different experiences to you. For some fun games, you may love Infinite Craft.